PROEOR Provides you following features to help decide on the investments you want to make on Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods.

PROEOR Features

  • Access Management

    Secured access with respect to roles and designation as per your team structure

  • Controlled formulas

    Controlled formulas linking technical and commercial data with customizable variables by the authorized users.

  • Tailor-made modifications

    Tailor-made modifications to list of cost heads (new equipment etc) and economic parameters (Hydrogen Blend, CO2 penalties etc) with the help of our expert team during and after implementation.

  • Built-in Collaboration

    In-built features enabling “top-down” and “bottoms-up” collaborations for managing global macro-economic factors and values.

  • Flexible Unit of Measurements

    Flexible Unit of Measurements structure relevant to your “Global” organization, where countries and regions can choose their own units (MKS, FPS, SI and their suitable combinations) locally and still outputs are presented as per required corporate standards for comparing across the countries globally.

  • Integration of lessons learnt

    Effortless integration of lessons learnt with top-down and bottoms-up approaches in previous “Portfolio Review Campaign” for adoption in current campaigns

  • Customizable Organizational structure

    Customizable Organizational structure for International Oil Companies and National Oil Companies to reflect their own corporate scenario

  • Collaboration

    Allows collaboration between IOCs and NOCs within shared oil-field concessions (To be developed)

  • Smart Field Register

    Smart Field Register with structural definition of its attributes (development theme, location etc.) allowing parameter-based segregation and aggregation of various fields.

  • Customizable ORP

    Well-defined and customizable Opportunity Realization Process (ORP) with visible stage-gate decisions

  • Time-stamped data

    Finalized version of time-stamped data captured allowing trace-back and learning

  • Iterative process

    Iterative process utilizing “freeze/unfreeze” of data input and output leading to finalization of field development cases within ORP

  • Phase-wise approach

    Enables phase-wise approach for field development by incorporating learnings from earlier field phases and similar development cash-flows in recent past (to be developed)

  • Forecasting

    Forecast “at-completion” capital costs and future operate-stage expenses annually at field level rolling up to company/country/region/global levels with cost variance output available for analysis with on-screen drill down option to pin-point relevant source

  • Controlling timeline

    Enables closely controlling timeline of Portfolio Review Campaign with “Ball-in-Court” concept up to individual person and organizational hierarchy (to be developed: use workflow screen in staging excel)

  • Comparision

    Compare estimated costs as against actual costs for development projects & create a feedback loop for new developments

  • At a glance visibility

    At a glance visibility for discounted cash flows with ROI for selected fields to be taken for development

  • Analysis

    During Operate stage, compare estimate vs actual revenues at regular time intervals with Return-on-Investment economic analysis.